Learning to feed my hunger

Stephanie Mackley - An Honest Mom

I will never let another pair of pants tell me I’m fat again.

This from the mouth of my friend Rachael, as she speared another piece of perfectly roasted cauliflower off of the plate in front of us. We met for drinks, Rachael and I, and as the fathers of our children readied our kids for bed, we ordered another cocktail.

I eyed that tiny plate of cauliflower with resentment. It was so good. And there was so little. What a tease tapas can be.

R’s declaration convinced me of what I already knew—I must go buy new jeans.

IMG_4217 Familiar, anyone?

Oh, the ever changing expanse of the post partum body. I’ve been rail thin with huge boobs to very squishy and everything in between. The rail-thinness was the product of exhaustion, depression, and breastfeeding in my first four months with Jo. I remember being stunned by the sight of…

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Intricate worlds

follow your nose

The sun is already well above the horizon, but I go on down anyway.
It’s a tiny paradise of riotous sound down here, a cacophony of birds – funny to think we associate being in nature with quiet, when it can be so very noisy.
A red-winged blackbird flies straight at me as if to say, Hello! Where have you been? It’s been a few days, and you’ve missed all kinds of things – the buds are all over the trees, the geese have taken over the duck ponds, and they fight with the muskrat who’s always after their eggs, and the turtles are back, and so much is going on… what happened to you?red-winged blackbird speaksThe push-pull – some days I think, really I don’t need any more half-assed nature photos, so I skip it, stay home and do yoga.
Other days I head out, starting with a kind of…

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Diet time. 

Hi guys! So basically I’m overweight and i am embarking or a health and fitness regime starting tomorrow. Although others think it’s easy to lose weight and go to the gym it’s actually not, especially as you get older 😖😖😖😖. But putting that to one side I also know that I have made many many excuses for myself over the last two years and I also know that weight loss and healthy living begins in the mind, if you can control your cravings and tell yourself you don’t need that cake only want it then you’re halfway there. 
I will be covering many topics over the next few months, mental health will be my main one, I want to cover this as it is close to home for me and I think people need to understand it more and how it can affect your health, your diet and pretty much every aspect of your life, there’s so much stigma attached to depression and the majority of people assume that you can just get up and go and all will be ok. Depression is REAL and it has no FACE. And I hope I do my fellow suffers proud with how I document my journey in the coming months. 
Bye for now.

Carly xXx 


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Daily Thoughts

We live in a cruel world, but for each moment of darkness there’s a ray of sunshine, and for each ugly soul there’s a beautiful one, waiting to restore someones faith in humanity… AnimaBella5…2013

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